Okay Pau. Nomo Conundrum

I wen really think seriously about Leimamo’s suggestion about having a separate blog just for knitting.  I even wen investigate alla free blogs on da Net.  But den, latah, I was talking wit my dottah about da whole ting; she is one amazing Asst VP at her company, and get incredible managerial skills. She wen ask me some good questions about why I even get one blog, stuffs lidat.  Finally she wen say, “You know, Mom, if u make one separate blog jass foa knitting, den peeps reading it not going see and read alla colors of da rainbow dat u are!”


Wow.  I nevah wen think dat I was like one rainbow!  But wat she said wen make sense.  So I wen give one “Highly Pidgin” warning in da categories wea I use it most, and if peeps like check um out, den dey can.  In da knitting category I going talk good English.  So is settled.

Mahalo, Leimamo, foa da great suggestion.  But I think I going stay right heah.  Alla me.

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4 Responses to Okay Pau. Nomo Conundrum

  1. Leimamo says:


    Your daughter is one akamai girl. I love what she said about all the colors of the rainbow that is you. I guess that is why they have categories in these blogs yeah?


  2. Mokihana says:

    Yeah no! Yay foa categories! Even if I gotta go clean up da “highly pidgin” knitting ones, I no mind.

    Mebbe I should change my name to `Anuenue. Dat was da name of my beloved manu, too.

  3. Lika says:

    Love dat pic-cha. Try go knit dat pic-cha. *L* Can?

  4. Mokihana says:

    Ho, adunno. I know *somebody* could, like Da Yarn Harlot. But adunno if I could. Maybe someday. Nani da photo, yeah?

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