Da Fog Bank

Dis morning I got up, wen look outsai da window.  I seen dis bambucha fog bank makai from my hale.  One ting I love about da hale facing makai (aside from da emotional kine connection) is dat I can see wat kine weatha stay coming my way. I thought da fog bank kinda kewl, so I wen take one photo of it from da deck.  Above da fog bank, get blue sky.  But undaneat, ho da dark!

I wen take anodda photo from da odda end of my deck:


I could see dat litto by litto, da fog stay coming moah close.  Now da wispy kine was ovah alla farms jass down da road from my hale.

Oni one hour later, dis is wat it looked like from da same places on my deck as befoa:


Kinda spooky, yeah?

Anodda photo:

Ackshully, I love da fog.  I love how erryting seems moa peaceful wit all da wispy edges floating all ova.  Sometimes I pretend I stay on dis small kine fog island wea nobody can see me.  Reminds me of small kid time wen I used to climb up da highest branches of da mango tree.  Nobody could see me dea, eedah. 

Hiding from da world.  Kinda nice sometimes. 

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2 Responses to Da Fog Bank

  1. Lika says:

    Its pretty as long as you not driving in it yeah.

  2. Lika says:

    Duh ~ I fo’got to add. You must teach me how fo’put pic-chas on my blog. Try try email me directions see if I can figurem out. LOL I like see pic-chas on my blog. hehehehe

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