Da Love-Hate Relationship Wit My Computah

I lovehatelovehatelovehatelovehate love my computah.  I cannot imagine my life witout it.  But dis last week, ho, da buggah wen drive me nuts.  Seemed like it had choke menehune insai, each doing deah own ting. My nemesis sweet computah was in da shop chree times dis week.  First one ting would get fixed, den anoddah.  First my email was all hamajang, den Norton, den internet… but I tell u, I get da bestest guru in da world, and today he wen call me up an tell me dat is all fixed now.  Had ukupila junk in deah dat he wen clean out.  I get all kine spyware, virus protection, internet security.  How all da junk wen get insai?  Dunno.

I been able to keep up on email wit my oddah computah dat I use for hana, so at least I could kinda keep up wit all my friends.  Oddawise I woulda felt so isolated! 

Now my putah stay back home, and is working great. Mahalo James!  U da best! 



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4 Responses to Da Love-Hate Relationship Wit My Computah

  1. Lynn Vasquez says:

    I know juss wat you mean! I go moa pupule wen mine ack up. I can not function at all! LOL

    Glad to hear you are both reunited. (SMILE)

    Auntie Pupule (Lynn Vasquez)

  2. Lika says:

    DITTO! It kinda like w/ da car too. Can’t live without it. But when it starts to ack up, I go nuts. I tink nowadays us all need one good friend who can fix cars & computas so us have somebody instantly. LOL

  3. Mokihana says:

    Oh yeah, I go even moah nuts den usual. On da one hand, I like dynamite um, on da odda, I crying cuz I feel like I wen lose my best friend! Shuah wish I could fix um myself!

  4. Leimamo says:

    Ai Moki,

    Take deep breaths then kick the crap outta the computer when it acts up. Oh yeah, there was a joke about a computer support tech a few years back who was troubleshooting with a customer and come to find out the computer wasn’t even plugged in. Yours was plugged in, right? ~L~

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