We Get Snow!

Usually by dis time in da year, Northwest Oregon gets rain, rain and more rain.  But dis year, guess wat?  We wen get snow!  Not a lot, but was snow! Da weatherman wen predict snow down to about 500′, and we stay at about 800′, so I wasn’t sure if we going get any.  But sure enough during da night on Wednesday, March 8th, it wen start, and by da time we wen wake up, had litto bit on da ground.  Den it wen start to snow like crazy! Big fat flakes dat wen cover our deck and da trees and erryting.

My friend wen come ovah, and for awhile, we wen jass sit in front of da woodstove, knitting and talking stories.  My kind of day, yeah?  I wen wear my new warm wool socks so my feets wen stay warm and cozy… and my friend an I were cozy, watching da snow come down outsai da window.

I leave plenny birdseed and suet out for my litto birdie friends, an dey was hitting da feeder fast and furious.

It wen warm up during da day, and da snow wen begin to melt, but dat night about midnight, it wen start up again.  So we wen have two days of small kine snow.  I still get litto bit on da front walk, but going be pau by tomorrow I bet.

In da meantime, we enjoyed da whiteness!

Looking makai out ova da deck:


Da pond:
Da Redbud tree:

Dis is da flowering quince, just about to bloom:

quince1 06 08.jpg

And I love dis one, da forsythia, shining bright chru da snow:

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3 Responses to We Get Snow!

  1. debbie says:

    oh my! *snow* and i thought i was ‘freezing’ a couple weeks ago when we had a cold spell hitting what seemed like 60’s and 70’s. we’re just getting over (i hope) a wet, wet spell where the yard is like a sponge….driving on the likelike was real bad some days….

  2. Lika says:

    Even Scottsdale, AZ (north of Phoenix) got snow! AND we finally got rain. I think MotherNature is pissed off and respectfully so. LOL

  3. mikey says:

    Ho you got lots of snow. We got some up here in Hoquiam. I still had some on the side of the house for a few days. Doesn’t get much sun on that side of the house.

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