Small Kine Socks For a Friend’s Cast

Tonight one friend of mine, who just broke her ankle in a kinda freaky snowmobile accident, asked me if I would be willing to make her a half sock for go over her toes, so they wouldn’t get cold. Of course I told her yes.  She told me that she didn’t know how to thank me, that it was real hard for her to ask, and I told her, “This is my way of spreading aloha… of course I can do it for you!”.  So as soon as she gets her cast this week, then I can choose the yarn for the sockette. 

I guess these days, casts can be anykine color; purple, bright blue, orange… so I cannot choose the yarn till she knows what color her cast is going to be.  Then I have to stop the stuffs I am already working on because I want to finish her sockettes (I’m going make her two) wikiwiki, because it’s still cold over on this side of the big big island we call the mainland.

If I had to get a cast on my foot, I think I would like bright purple.  And then maybe I would try to make a collage all over it, with Hawaiian images.  At the top, I would have an artist friend paint a lei, and then paint “aloha” in fancy kine letters on it.  So much less boring then peeps signing their names, yeah.  Hopefully that will nevah happen… but if it ever does, den that’s what I want to do.

My friend is pretty conservative, so I can’t make her a screaming yellow sockette. Even purple would be too much.  I can’t dress it up with eyelash yarn, I bet, even though my creative nature is giving me all kinds of wild ideas.  I have to remember dis little sockie is for her, not for me.

But maybe I could sneak one small kine someting up at the top…expand her horizons… give her a taste of the wacky creative side of Mokihana.  Heh heh….

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2 Responses to Small Kine Socks For a Friend’s Cast

  1. Tina*:) says:

    Aloha Mokihana!

    Sorry off topic, but I wanted fo’ say “Tanks” for the encouragement you when share with me!

    Crack me up you writing pigen! It’s one ting fo’ talk, but one noddah ting for read! Good fun.

    Again, mahalo nui loa! Take care!

  2. Mokihana says:

    `A`ole pilikia sistah… even doe off topic, I stay glad u wen post! Anytime u need encouragement, jass gimme a hollah!

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