Mokihana’s Hawaiian Quilting Journey: Part Three

Yeah, yeah, yeah…. eh! Weah stay Part Two anden!!

Well, before I had a chance to finish that, along came the opportunity to take another class with Nancy Lee Chong, this time in Hawaiian Quilt Design. Actually, the class is part of a 3-day one, but as I’ve already taken the rest of the classes from her, I’m going to concentrate on just the principles of design this time.

The class will be held at the Collins Retreat Center in Eagle Creek, Oregon, which is in a lovely, wooded setting. I’m anxious to see Nancy again and to learn this next phase of my quilting project. I don’t mind switching from knitting to quilting; in fact, I’m eager to get back to my ‘ulu quilt.

It means I get off work for a whole day! How? Easy!

Class: June 18th
My birthday: June 18th.

Hana no get chance!

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