Mokihana’s Hawaiian Quilting Journey: Class and the start of a quilt! Part One

Oh wow. The class with Nancy Lee Chong was fantastic! I was a great enabler and encouraged my friends Susie and Julie to take the plunge too. The class was held at A Common Thread quilt store in Lake Oswego, a wonderful place filled with absolutely wonderful fabrics.

Nancy is an awesome teacher! She’s friendly, informative and extremely knowledgeable. She made learning fun, and had all kinds of tip and techniques to show us, so that by the end of the weekend we all had a working knowledge of how to begin our quilts.

When we first got there we were a little intimidated by her amazing quilts, as she’d brought a number of gorgeous ones that she’d finished over the years. It was hard to believe that we’d be able to actually create something similar. Nancy’s use of colors and combinations of fabrics gave us a lot of inspiration and we could hardly wait to get started.

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2 Responses to Mokihana’s Hawaiian Quilting Journey: Class and the start of a quilt! Part One

  1. Lika says:

    Hey I have a DVD with Nancy Lee Chong teaching 2 fabric applique. I don’t know how to applique. Well I kinda do but in a straight line, oh dats a hem? Anyway its da one with a dragon fly….and it comes with a pattern to da a dragon fly and I wanna do it SOMEDAY cause I also bought da pattern dat I really wanna do. But I have so many sewing project undone that I need to finish before I start something new. I don’t want to start it and not finish it. So I just watch da DVD – maybe I’ll learn applique by osmosis. LOL

  2. Mokihana says:

    Oh wow!! She is amazing! Her method is awesome. I wen get busy knitting and neva wen pau my wallhanging! Sheesh. I need to do dat. I wen start wit da `ulu design… cuz I like be traditional. Since u get da DVD u going be able to do it. She’s a great teacha.

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