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2017 Tour de Fleece: Pau

Well, I didn’t get as involved with the TdF as I’ve been in the past; just too much going on every day. But I did manage to watch a bunch of it on TV. But this is what I did … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece 2017

I’ve been busy with the Tour de Fleece, and haven’t posted anything about it! Gah!! So here are some photos of my progress. Hmm… I got a new external hard drive to avoid Photobucket, but I have a few glitches … Continue reading

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Tour de Fleece 2016

Nothing like not having time to write lately. E kala mai Numbah One. But now it’s Tour de Fleece time again and I found bits of time here and there for spinning. So I’ll inundate you with my daily photos. … Continue reading

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Shipping a Spinning Wheel, Chapter Two

About two weeks later, Debbie was ready to have the wheel shipped. Keola graciously gave up his daytime perch, and allowed us to move it.

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Shipping a Spinning Wheel

I don’t have the next Montana Road Trip photos ready yet, so will post this instead. For those of you who wanna learn something about shipping a spinning wheel, this is the place to be. A wahine in my Joe … Continue reading

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But wait! Get moa!

Ahahahaha!  I totally forgot that I took some shearing videos!!  U like see??  K’den! No. Try wait. I didnʻt forget! I just wanted to make more shearing posts. Heh heh. (I also get one bridge in Arizona I could sell … Continue reading

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Pau Da Tour de Fleece…whew!

What a whirlwind of spinning!  And more spinning! But ho da fun!  This was my best tour ever, I think. I was Captain of one team, and Co-Captain of another one, which involved cheering on my teammates, responding to posts … Continue reading

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