365 Days Numba Two

January 11th

Daily Hummingbird. Smoke from a neighbor’s burn pile in the background.

Actually, I have something to say about that burn pile. It’s on a lot one parcel away across the road from us. The 5-acre parcel had a junky house on it, not worth anything. There were also a lot of lovely fir trees on it. After the lot sold, the new owners cut down every single one of those (probably second growth) trees; there must have been close to thirty of them. Now the land is totally flat and bare. Neighbors on each side lost a lot of privacy. I completely understand the need to make way for the new house that will be built, but sheesh… every.single.tree??? I mourn the loss of wildlife habitat. How many birds made nests in those trees? Those firs provided food and shelter, and now they’re gone. Sad. I’m glad we’re a Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitat and can provide for my feathered ʻohana.

Miss B, looking a little scruffy with her winter coat on.

January 12th

More plying. Loving the texture.
The mountain’s out! Highway 212.
A lovely sunset after days of rain.

Alas, no daily hummingbird for today. We were never there at the window at the same time.

January 13th

Daily Hummingbird.
Foggy afternoon looking makai along SE Haley Road.

January 14th

Feeling sad… no daily hummingbird photo today.

A sunny morning.
This is not the daily hummingbird. It’s a Cooper’s Hawk trying to get my doves.
They’re safe, but he scares them.

January 15th

Guess who’s back? I don’t want him getting any birds at my feeder!
Not a hummingbird…but a Junco instead.
Mt Hood at twilight.
And a lovely sunset to end the day.

January 16th

Daily hummingbird!!
The Cooper’s Hawk right outside my office window! Never seen one so close before.
Amazing sunset tonight!

January 17th

Daily hummingbird in the fog.
Foggy sunset
I loved participating in the Betty White Challenge today!

January 18th

Daily hummingbird
Another foggy day.
Our hill from the back side. I love the misty look of the trees. This photo from Haley Road.
Evening fog.

January 19th

Daily hummingbird
Still foggy this morning

I became an honorary tūtū today!

And I spun some sparkles.

January 20th

Guess who’s back.
Plenny kaukau for the farm workers today.
Another foggy day. But no daily hummingbird. Sad.
Love this sky!
I kakaroached this photo from the web… so many times my sibs and I walked right here over to Grays Beach!!
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9 Responses to 365 Days Numba Two

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    Oh, lovely photos yet again. AMAZING sunsets!!! WoW! And the Coopers Hawk- awesome (although I realize it is a little stressful for your doves and you!). Tanks!

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo! Yeah, the sunsets are amazing! When we first thought about buying this place, we walked in and there was an amazing sunset… and that kinda did it for us.

  2. Jenny says:

    Beautiful photos. And thank you for your support of the farm families. That’s awesome.

  3. Michelle says:

    The lot on our north property line was planted with Dougfirs after we moved here. They grew up into a dense, young forest (for maybe 20-25 years?) and provided shelter for all kinds of things, including the only porcupine I’ve seen around here. Then they were ALL cut off, supposedly for a vineyard, but that was never planted. Like you, I thought of all the displaced animals; it was so sad…. The new neighbors who finally bought it and built are nice, but we both would have appreciated some firs being left along the north and south property lines for privacy; they wouldn’t have affected anyone’s views.

    • Mokihana says:

      I remember when all those trees were cut down and how sad that was. Firs along your fence line would have been so wonderful, not just for some privacy but for all the woodland creatures who need them. Could you plant more on your side of the lot line?

      • I wish; I even have some Western Cedar seedlings I could plant! But my husband isn’t on board; thinks they will ‘block the view’ and be hard to mow around. Grrr…. (Good thing he has other redeeming qualities!)

  4. AFK says:

    Love all the photos, Moki-chan! Especially your amazing sunsets and all the ones of your ‘hood’s Cooper’s Hawk. Beautiful birds. We usually know our ‘hood hawk is around b/c the crows go nuts. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo nui! Yeah, the hawk is beautiful, but I know he’s after my little birdies. I wouldn’t mind if he’d catch a squirrel or ten; they’re such pests. I bet the crows go nuts in your ‘hood! The sunsets have been amazing lately.

  5. Mokihana says:

    Michelle, I’m sorry.. Western Cedar would be lovely there. I’m all for natural privacy.

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