I Thought I’d Heard the Worst Variation of My Name

Well, back in 2003 I wrote this post:

Anden in 2008, this one:

You really need to read those ones first before I tell you the latest. I’ll wait.

Well gosh, it never stops. Today I got two more worthy of attention. A voicemail:

Hello, Madonna...”

Wow. Madonna, huh? That’s a new one.

Then later on, I got notification that a package had been delivered. It said that I’d signed for the delivery. For one thing, I didn’t sign for it. And if I had, it wouldn’t be this:

“Signed by Mohinalla…”

One of the things I miss most about living in Hawaiʻi is people knowing how to pronounce my name. It seems pretty straightforward to me: pronounce it just like it’s spelled. But Mohinalla and Madonna aren’t even close!

I guess Marijuana is still the worst one…depending on your point of view, of course.

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1 Response to I Thought I’d Heard the Worst Variation of My Name

  1. AFK says:

    Wassamatta wit peeps? “Pocahontas”? And this was even before the whole Elizabeth Warren debacle. In light of David Purdue’s mocking of Kamala Harris’ name, this is infuriating and disrespectful. And as someone whose last name regularly gets butchered, I sympathize.

    Reminds me of one time when we played music for a friend’s daughter’s wedding. Band = da friend whose daughter was getting married, my oddah half, one noddah friend and me. Da MC asked what we called da band. We said “Na Kolohe.” She couldn’t manage that, so she called us “The Aloha Band.” Aisus SMH.

    As for the “Marijuana” mix-up, I know of a woman whose first name is “Sativa,” and she is . . . wait for it. . . a marijuana business attorney. I don’t know if Sativa is her birth name or not, but it sort of doesn’t matter.

    You have a beautiful name. It matches your beautiful personage. Rock on wit’ yo good self, Moki-chan.

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