Facing Scary Knitting

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’ve seen lots of projects on Ravelry  that I’d love to make. But I’ve been scared to do them because they looked scary, and let’s face it, I’m kind of a chicken at heart because I’m scared I’ll do something wrong. Childhood crap kine stuff.

But the Ravellenic Games, held during the Olympics, is a time where knitters challenge themselves to do all kinds of stuffs. And I decided that this’d be the perfect time for me to take on a scary project: stranded knitting. Which means that I’m knitting with two colors at the same time. Holding one color in one hand, and one color in the other. Two styles of knitting, too. And the knitting has to be carefully done so that the finished garment, in this case, a hat, will be smooth and unpuckered.

So with the help of a good friend who’s an absolute genius when it comes to stranded knitting, I chose a pattern that I loved and would work well for my first stranded knitting project.  I took awhile choosing the exact colors that I wanted, too. And today, I started it.

And guess what? I fell in love with stranded knitting!! I love seeing how the pattern is developing as I knit, and I’m loving the feeling of accomplishment that I feel at challenging myself to take this on.

I’m sure there’s some deep universal message here, like feel the fear and do it anyway. I actually do that a lot in my life, which is what inspired me to do just that with my knitting.

Right now I have appraisals to log in, housework and laundry to do, and clutter to clean up. But I don’t wanna do any of it. I only want to sit here and knit on my hat.

I think there must be universal messages about doing the least liked things first and then doing the fun things as a reward. But right now I’m not feeling it. Gimme dessert for breakfast, ya know?


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5 Responses to Facing Scary Knitting

  1. AFK says:

    Moki-chan, you rock! Beautiful work, and congratulations on taking on the challenge.

  2. elicia-holden says:

    Reblogged this on An Occasional Knitter.

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