Mokihana’s Hawaiian Quilting Journey: Week Two

I thought I’d come out the winner this week. And I did, sorta. Eventually. I got my new fabric all washed and ready and started cutting. Unfortunately, I musta been half asleep at the time, because I cut it wrong and had to go back to the fabric store yet again! Sheesh! Fabric 6, Mokihana O.

However, the next day I was much more successful, and got my applique piece all properly cut out – Mokihana 1, Fabric 6. The following day I cut out my background piece – Mokihana 2, Fabric 6 (I’m catching up!). I carefully unfolded my green ulu applique piece and voila! There it was, waiting for me to baste it onto the background fabric. I think I should get a point for that. K’den. Mokihana 3 – Fabric 6. Then, the next day of quiet basting with my friend, I got the whole pattern basted onto the background! Pau! Mokihana 4, Fabric 6.

Now I am ready to start appliqueing the pattern to the background. And I fully expect to have my score keep climbing!

This is turning out to be a very rewarding project for me. I feel very spiritually connected to it, feeling a real connection to Hawaiian women years and years before me designing and quilting their own works of art.

I couldn’t make it out to The Gathering this week. I was buried with work and a very large truck with a cherry picker and shredder attached to it was parked in my long, narrow driveway while a crew from Portland General Electric trimmed branches from the firs, maples, alders and willows away from the power lines. I was very disappointed that I couldn’t get out; it would have been a lovely day.

However, there is next week. And I have a quilt square ready to be appliqued. The colors are just what I wanted and I feel so good about starting this. It is a song to me, and I am loving the singing of it.

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