Spinning a Friendship

I have a dear friend named Suzette who has become my spinning buddy. We get together at least once a month at The Place 2 Be Cafe in Canby, Oregon, and spend almost the entire day spinning together on our Ladybug wheels.

Suzette is oh, so much more, though, than just a spinning buddy. We met online on Ravelry, shortly before Suzette purchased her Ladybug. We became friends the very first time we got together in person, just two years ago.  And whether it’s twice a month or just once, we both so look forward to our time together. Continue reading

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The Great Oregon Steam-Up, Part Three

I tell you, it was such a thrill seeing these old steam tractors! The atmosphere at the Powerland Museum was wonderful…hundreds and hundreds of people, some with their keiki, who were seeing these tractors for the first time. The kids looked tiny compared to the tractors!

I loved this old beauty.  Loved the iron wheels, and the smokestack, and the chugging noise it made as it rolled along.

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The Great Oregon Steam-Up, Part Two

Here we go again!  Nolemana and I wandered around the grounds before the parade was to start so that we could see some of the tractors up close.

This is one of my very favorite steam tractors. Itʻs absolutely huge!

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Tour de Fleece 2014

Well, I thought I was gonna be posting almost every day of the Tour de Fleece.  You know, the yearly event for handspinners that coincides with the Tour de France. The idea is to challenge yourself to a spinning project or projects and “ride” the same days as the Tour de France riders ride. Continue reading

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The Great Oregon Steam-Up 2014, Part One

Last Saturday, Nolemana and I drove down to Brooks, Oregon, for the 2014 Great Oregon Steam-Up at the Antique Powerland Museum.  We used to take Nolemana’s dad, Roy-san, there every year, and he absolutely loved it.  Being an old farm boy, he’d actually used many of the tractors and equipment that was displayed.  He was kinda in tractor heaven, seeing all of the steam-powered equipment.

Nolemana and I hadn’t been to the Steam-Up since a couple of years before Roy-san, and this year we decided to go in his memory. Continue reading

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Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty!

I was up late; it was hot outside and I had the sliding glass door open small kine.  I was just getting ready to take my shower when I heard a rustling noise outside; so I grabbed my camera, made sure I had a memory card in it (!), and turned on the outside light.

Good thing I was extra quiet!!  Cuz guess what I saw nosing around in the fallen bird seed and suet!

Yep!  Pepe le Pew!

11 July 1

I very, very, very, quietly snapped another photo, anden, equally quietly, closed the sliding glass door.  Just as I did, Pepe ran off without leaving me a hauna offering.

I’ve never been this close to a skunk before!

11 July 2


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Finding Spiritual Whitespace – A Review


I’ve been following Bonnie Gray over at Faith Barista.com for several years now and have been always blessed by Bonnie’s words. So when her book came out, I was eager to read it. I have been fortunate to be part of Bonnie’s book launch team and to be in community with other readers and bloggers in the group. Continue reading

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