Here, Kitty Kitty Kitty!

I was up late; it was hot outside and I had the sliding glass door open small kine.  I was just getting ready to take my shower when I heard a rustling noise outside; so I grabbed my camera, made sure I had a memory card in it (!), and turned on the outside light.

Good thing I was extra quiet!!  Cuz guess what I saw nosing around in the fallen bird seed and suet!

Yep!  Pepe le Pew!

11 July 1

I very, very, very, quietly snapped another photo, anden, equally quietly, closed the sliding glass door.  Just as I did, Pepe ran off without leaving me a hauna offering.

I’ve never been this close to a skunk before!

11 July 2


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Finding Spiritual Whitespace – A Review


I’ve been following Bonnie Gray over at Faith for several years now and have been always blessed by Bonnie’s words. So when her book came out, I was eager to read it. I have been fortunate to be part of Bonnie’s book launch team and to be in community with other readers and bloggers in the group. Continue reading

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A wonderful surprise today.

Today I was driving down my driveway on the way to the gym. Went around the corner and there was a young doe staring at me! But Iʻd forgotten my cell phone. Of all the times to forget it. So hoping against hope, I backed up (not an easy task on a curve with an 18% grade!), hurried back into the house and grabbed my cell phone, and went back out.

This time I went down much slower, and thought Iʻd missed her altogether. But nope, she was still there. When she saw me, she decided to leave. I wished Iʻd brought my good camera but didnʻt want to leave it in my car or locker at the gym.

Can you see her down there?


17 June2a Continue reading

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Twenty-Two

Eh howzit!  U like go Montana again?  Kʻden.  We go!

We’re still driving mauka/South on Highway 89, and just about to come into the tiny town of Clyde Park.  Population 288.


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Throwback Thursday Numbah Five

This photo of my beloved brother and me was taken in the front yard of our hale on Alani Drive. We were close then and have remained close all of our lives. I adored him then and adore him now.

We loved the rock behind us; we’d climb up on it and jump down. Family members would pose on or in front of it, and it was a huge part of our lives growing up.  Sometimes we’d pick at the lichen on it, and there was an indentation in the top of it where water would collect.   It was a wonderful addition to our yard, and we called it “the bottom rock”, meaning it was at the bottom of our yard.  So original, yeah?

Throwback Thursday 6-5-14

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Montana Road Trip 2010, Part Twenty-One

K’den.  We go. Musubi loved riding ontop TryLook, our GPS.  His cape, made foa him by Clare (who made Musubi, too!), is hiding our exact location, but I know we are coming to the end of Highway 86. The Crazy Mountains were still in front of us. Musubi, who loves road trips as much as I do, also loves TryLook. He has had quite a time getting used to our new built-in TryLook. Wat?  U think Musubi is not real?  Wrong.

But I digress.


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Throwback Thursday Numbah Four

I don’t know how old I was in this photo; maybe around seven?  I only know that it was taken at Waialua, that I loved the ocean! and that my mother said I looked like a gypsy.  Whatever that means.  And whydaheck did she put me in a dress foa go da kahakai?

Throwback Thursday 5-29


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