365 Days 2023, Numbah Thirteen

March 1st

Small kine snow left on a foggy day.
Daily hummingbird.

Sunlight on Keola’s fur.


Got onions? Food delivery day.
Food deliveries.
Small kine snow on emerging bulbs.
Almost-daily Junco.
Daily hummingbird.
Ice patterns on the lānai glass.
Almost-daily Junco.

March 3rd

Daily hummingbird.

March 4th

Daily hummingbird.
Upside-down Chickadee on the feeder.

March 5th

Try look how we started off the day!

Daily hummingbird.
Jenni wearing her hat from Laura and me. Such a pretty girl, and a very good friend as well.
Evening daily hummingbird.
Old barn at dusk.
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2 Responses to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Thirteen

  1. Mary Knox says:

    I learned something from your last photo … During the first 5 years of my life my parents and I lived in a beautiful spot called Mahina Bay, on the opposite side of the harbour from Wellington the capital of New Zealand. It never occurred to me (disgraceful!) to wonder what it meant. Now I know

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