365 Days 2023, Numbah Eleven

I’m not a drama llama…but gosh, I’m so far behind again. Really important stuff taking up my time, but I’m gonna try catch up soon!

February 21st

Sadly, there was no daily hummingbird today. Wassap wit dat, Mr Hummer?

This is my sweet friend wearing the chemo cap I made and sent to her.

February 22nd

Oh, there you are!!

And guess wat???

Bushtits…blurry as usual.
Roads were clear along SE Bohna Park Road this morning.
Hairy Woodpecker on the left, Downy Woodpecker on the right.
It started snowing more after I got home from my haircut.
By afternoon, it was starting really pile up.
By nightfall, the snow was making pretty patterns…I love the ones on the tomato cages.

And I never saw the daily hummingbird today, either! He must’ve been holed up somewhere.

Here’s another video from today; turn up your volume to hear one of the most beautiful Hawaiian songs you’ll ever hear: “Lei Mānoa” by Hapa.

February 23rd

Plenny snow photos today! We couldn’t get out to do food deliveries today.

Junco at the heated bird bath.
We had about 6″ of snow…and it was so pretty!
And it was cold outside!!
Animal tracks. Dunno wat but.
Snow and sunshine.
Daily hummingbird!! He finally showed up. I kept rotating the feeders so that he could have something to eat.
I wasn’t going anywhere, so I knit on my Glacier National Park hat today.

February 24th

The snow began blowing off the trees.

It was still too snowy for us to get out.

Daily hummingbird.
I love this one!
Very snowy driveway. Nope, not going anywhere.
So I decided to wash all my handknit (not all by me) socks. I put them on this cool drying rack that my dear father=-in-law made for me.
I lift it up to the ceiling on a pulley so that the socks can dry. Cool, yeah?

February 25th

The driveway was clearing out, but not enough for me to get down the driveway.
Nolemana walked down to get this photo.
And ho da cold!!!
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6 Responses to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Eleven

  1. Jenny says:

    Beautiful snowy photos soon to be replaced with fresh blossoms and growth. The chemo cap is adorable, as is your friend. As a cancer survivor, I can tell you that a cozy handmade hat is like being wrapped in a loving hug. Best wishes for her journey.

  2. Lady Tie Di says:

    What beautiful snow pictures!!! And love the chemo cap (and your darling friend oxoxo)

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo nui! We sure weren’t expecting that much snow! Clare is a special friend of mine and I was so happy to be able to send her the hat. I love being able to do that, but wish I didn’t have to.

  3. AFK says:

    Aue. Since I’ve deleted Twitter, I didn’t know that Clare was ill. Beautiful hat, more beautiful the knitter.
    That photo of the snow on the branches, railing, and birdhouse is especially pretty.
    Why is it still so cold?!?
    Lucky manu with a heated bath!

    • Mokihana says:

      Mahalo… I love making chemo hats for people… just wish they weren’t needed. Clare is so special and I’m glad I got to meet her in person years ago.

      It was so cold this morning, yeah?

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