365 Days 2023, Numbah Five

January 21st

Surprise small kine snow this morning. It only lasted for a few minutes and didn’t stick.

Daily hummingbird pau snow.
Very hungry Goldfinches.
Very hungry Bushtits. I wish they showed up better.

Today’s sunset hummingbird was so pretty I couldn’t choose which one to post, so I’m doing them all!

January 22nd

Daily hummingbird.
Zoomies daily hummingbird.

January 23rd

Daily hummingbird with blueish skies.
Keola photobomb.

January 24th

Not a daily hummingbird. It’s a Dark-Eyed Junco.
This is a daily hummingbird.
Junk photo of the setting moon.

January 25th

Daily hummingbird.
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4 Responses to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Five

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow; MORE gorgeous sunset+hummer shots!

  2. AFK says:

    Da Keola photobomb made me LOL. I’m jealous of your goldfinches. I rarely see them here. We get sma’-kine snow this morning too. And I like your moon photo–it’s kinda artsy.

    • Mokihana says:

      Oh, I wish you could get the goldfinches, too. Two summers ago we had this gigantic flock of them, but last summer not so many. All together like they’re like the mynah birds back home…so noisy! But I still hope they come back. I’ll try for more artsy moon photos for you!

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