365 Days 2023, Numbah Chree

January 11th

Early morning daily hummingbird.

Pretty clouds looking southeast from Vancouver, where Da Gathering met today.
Can you see Mt Jefferson in the distance?
Jet heading toward PDX with Mt Jefferson in the distance.
One friend brought a cupcake cake for dessert! She didn’t make it, though. Sure is pretty!

January 12th

Daily hummingbird.
Food deliveries. We had tons of yogurt today.
We stopped to say aloha to this handsome Bernese Mountain Dog, Bernie, and his owner after leaving one of our deliveries. Bernie reminds me of my beloved Australian Shepherd, Kukui. I sure do miss her.
Cool tree at another delivery house.
And “my” oak tree, where I waited, knitting, while Nolemana saw the retinologist.

January 13th

Daily hummingbird.
Ballerina daily hummingbird.
Fog across the valley.
I finished this cute bee hat for a baby to come in June.
And I knit this pair of handwarmers for a dear friend who was just diagnosed with breast cancer. I wanted her to feel as thought I’m holding her hand as she goes through chemo and recovery.
Cool ‘Vette at the gym.

K’den. I have to rant a bit about this logo on a friend’s shirt, who wears it a lot at the gym. I know that Hawaiʻi became a state (that’s worthy of another rant some other time), but kuʻu one hānau, the sands of my birth, Hawaiʻi, was established thousands of years before statehood. And to ignore that fact, by making this logo, is pretty upsetting to me, and others as well, I’m sure.

So now we’ll go back to the beauty of the sunset daily hummingbird to calm down.

January 14th

Daily hummingbird collage.
From a distance, this deer looks so real!
Sunset daily hummingbird.

January 15th

Daily hummingbird.
And his cousin, the Elusive Daily Hummingbird.
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2 Responses to 365 Days 2023, Numbah Chree

  1. Lady Tie Di says:

    Fabulous cloud pics. And I always think, winter is the best time to understand the saying that trees are the lungs of the earth- don’t the bare branches look like all the vessels of the lungs? oxoxo

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