April 30 – Aloha ʻOe, Hinahina

I stay writing dis post wit plenny wai maka, cuz today we wen tell Hinahina, “Aloha ʻoe”. Was hard cuz she no like get sleepy foa long time, so we jass wen talk to her, tell her how spesho she stay, telling her mahalo foa being one shaka hoaloa foa Papa-san, foa coming to us so we could rescue her all dem years ago.

She wen have one good day today; kinda playful, eating good, purring, and feeling moa betta den yestaday. Dat wen make one good memory foa us. And foa her, I tink.

We going miss u like crazy, u sweet pōpoki… try tell ʻUkulele “aloha” from me, k? And Kukui, too.

Kʻden. Pau. Too much wai maka foa see da monitor anymoa. Here she is, looking playful today.

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4 Responses to April 30 – Aloha ʻOe, Hinahina

  1. AFK says:

    Oh, Moki-chan, I’m so sorry. But bless you and Nolemana for helping her when she asked for help and giving her a much better and longer life. She’s not suffering any more.

  2. Barb says:

    So sorry for your loss. So much joy in one little body.

  3. FiberFollies says:

    Aloha ‘oe to a precious spirit. You were blessings to each other. Her spirit will shine on in your heart.

  4. Debra says:

    I’m sorry….I even got teary-and I don’t know your kittie-but I sure know how this all feels….I had to make this decision with a goose that was my favorite-oh how I miss her still! And still cry over her! Makes you wonder, sometimes-but still-loving is way better than not loving-even through the pain of loss.
    I love you.

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