February 14 ♥

Today’s photo will need some explanation. Take a look at the gas station attendant in the photo. He is special.

Last month when I needed gas, I drove up to the pump and the attendant, the special guy in the photo, spread out his arms and began singing this:

I was absolutely delighted! He stood there and talked to me while the gas tank was filling (in Oregon I don’t have to pump my own gas! Actually, I can’t; it’s not legal), telling me that he and his kids have been watching the movie over and over and he just couldn’t help himself.

I tell you, it totally made my day. I told him that next time I came in and he was there, I’d love for him to greet me exactly the same way. So today, there he was! And I asked for “my song”, and he sung it again, thrilled that I remembered he’d sung it last time. And it made my day again!

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