Holoholo Kaʻa to Amity, Part Two

You know, sometimes I get so upset with myself for not keeping this blog updated! I have so many photos to share, and then I get distracted or have to spend more time working, and it seems to vanish into the ether somewhere. I never finished the kitty story, never finished my drive to Amity! I keep saying I’ll do better and then I don’t. I should just schedule a weekly time to do it.

So here I am, a month and a half later, trying to finish the Amity drive, Because really, I loved doing it and it was so much fun crossing and re-crossing the river.

So the second time I headed back, I was, unbelievably, the only car on the ferry. Well, I wasn’t the car. My car was the car. I was the driver. Okay fine, den. I was the only passenger on the ferry, which is usually pretty busy. We won’t get technical and say that my car was a passenger too. Even though it was.

So I got out of my car and stood outside taking photos as we crossed the Willamette.

And I took a video for you folks, too.

And then I drove through the lovely countryside, heading up to Ron’s house, which is up there somewhere on the hill in front of me.

I will be heading up the hill, first driving south, then back up north again.

I stopped alongside the road to take a better photo of that picturesque church.

After taking my wheel to Ron, and talking story with him for quite awhile, I headed back down the hill again. This place had all kinds of birdhouses in front.

Can you see Mt Hood? It’s very faint, but coming down the hill, I could see it. What a view!

And included in that view, is this one.

I zoomed in so that you could see the mountain, too.

Back at the river, I saw the ferry coming toward me, loaded with cars.

Then I was back on the ferry, seeing all the cars waiting to cross to where I was, with more coming along.

They’re all lined up and waiting, while I enjoyed being on the river again.

This time I took a video with the camera propped on the dashboard of my car. So you folks can cross the Willamette River on the Wheatland Ferry with me! See how fast the river is flowing?

I stopped by the Antique Powerland Museum in Brooks just before I got back on the freeway. Nolemana’s papa-san, who lived with us for eleven years, used to love to go here to see all the steam engines every year at the Great Oregon Steam-Up.

After thinking about Papa-san and how much I missed him, I headed back onto the freeway and headed home.

My spinning wheel flyer and new bobbins should be ready some time this summer, and I’m looking forward to the drive back again. Mahalo nui for tagging along with me this time!

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3 Responses to Holoholo Kaʻa to Amity, Part Two

  1. Babooze says:

    Mahalo Moki. Been comin’ hea an checkin’ when i can.m/

  2. AFK says:

    Yay~! Mo nani pitchas!

  3. RONW says:

    seems quiet around there. Don’t get much of that in my neck of the woods.

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